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Meetings can be excruciating, especially when they aren’t done right. We’ve all been in meetings where we didn’t get the results we were hoping for. Also, we’ve been in circular meetings where nobody could accomplish anything. Running effective meetings is both a skill and an art.

The art and skill of running meetings have changed with the rise of hybrid and remote teams. Effective communication is also more important now that everyone has their own time.

To find a balance between the goals and the needs of the meeting, we need to ensure that we run a successful meeting. Before we start planning a meeting, it’s vital that we first discuss the necessary details.

Do You Need to Meet?

Most of the time, team members who work remotely don’t think they need to meet. They often feel they can do most of their meetings by emailing, calling, or sending a group Slack message.

If you’re unsure if a meeting is needed, try drafting an email on what you would like to discuss. A solid and concise message means you probably don’t need to meet.

If the topic needs to be discussed by a group, it might require a meeting. Regardless of the session’s length, the meeting’s goal must be clearly communicated. A clear understanding of the meeting’s objectives can help keep track of the meeting’s progress.

Elements of a Successful Meeting

A successful meeting can also help participants better understand the problem or the solution that the meeting is about to discuss. Depending on the meeting you’re planning, a clear understanding of the meeting’s objectives can help keep everyone informed.

A great meeting can also cover various agenda items efficiently. Having the necessary answers to the questions from the participants can help keep the discussion moving forward.

A successful meeting can also take up a lot of time. Productive meetings should grab the participants’ attention and focus on the importance of the topics.

Regardless of the reason for the meeting, the participants must be organized and clearly understand the meeting’s objectives. Having a concrete agenda and following it as closely as possible will allow you to stay on task and finish your meeting on time.

Originally published at on September 14, 2022.



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